Jul. 25th, 2016 02:38 am
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Made bagels for the first time today. Used, and read the Serious Eats articles on bagels beforehand. The Serious Eats recipe seemed too fussy so I picked a simpler one, but the background knowledge from their articles helped make the simpler recipe work at a couple points where I had problems.

Recipe notes:
1) Be prepared to add more water than the instructions call for. I wound up putting a cup of water in at the beginning because it was simply too dry with the 1/2 cup currently in the step-by-step instructions, and still had to knead in extra water.
2) Boiling each side of the bagels for 1 minute really is necessary. I skimped on the boiling because I was hungry, and while the bagels did develop a crust it definitely varied by boiling time.
3) Over-oiling the rising bowl can really mess up the bagels' ability to hold the shape. My bowl was a bit too oiled and I would up with lopsided bagels because I couldn't roll them into round balls or get the ends of loops to stick together. They still taste delicious though!
4) I am deeply, seriously interested in a bagel dough that I can leave sitting overnight and boil/bake in the morning for brunches. I have a number of friends who will think that I have performed magic if I can get that to work.
5) This recipe is going in my saved recipes notebook. It wasn't any harder than other bread recipe, and the end result is delicious.
6) This has also confirmed my opinion, which Serious Eats backs up, that the real factor in bagel tastiness is time since baking. Expensive bagel shop bagels are awesome because they were made recently.

I also made bread loaves at the same time. I'll write up more detail about how I batch cook / overlap bread recipes in a later post, but the highlights are:
1) Pick recipes that need basically the same ingredients but use different equipment.
2) Schedule the recipes so you can swing straight from one to the other - mix one while the first rises, pop one in the oven right before shaping the second, etc.
3) Build some time into the schedule to clean up. Overlapping rise time is great for this.


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