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2020-01-01 10:06 am

Journal Policies

Friending and Personal Stuff

Please feel free to friend me! I may or may not friend back depending on how active I am at the moment.

I tend to make public updates about my life, and set them private a few days later. I want to let people know how I'm doing, but I'm not going to leave everything hanging around the internet forever.

Everything I rec, here or on rec communities, I have a saved copy of (barring harddrive failure or other catastrophes). If you want a copy, feel free to ask and I may be able to help you. If the fic was given to me specifically under a no-sharing agreement I won't share it, but otherwise I'm happy to forward things.

I will not remove links from recs, so even if the site is currently offline you might be able to try archive.org.

I'm also happy to help if you want to start building your own offline collection of fic (hint: search for Calibre eBooks to get started).
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2014-12-11 11:14 pm

Cross Fandom Interference

The radio silence for the past few weeks has been due to a project in one fandom suddenly taking over my hobby time. It's going to soak up significant effort for the foreseeable future, but I am SO EXCITED. I'll just probably be very quiet until this stabilizes, hopefully in a few weeks.
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2014-11-17 11:57 pm

HASA Going Down

My favorite Lord of the Rings archive is closing. For anyone who doesn't know yet (probably quite a few people), Henneth Annun is one of the oldest and most influential Lord of the Rings archives. It's being forced to close due to repeated server hacks. Hopefully all of the fics can be transferred to AO3 as part of the Open Doors project.

If you know anyone who has fics on HASA, please let them know! If you like any fics on HASA, please download them now! Fanfiction Downloader is a standalone program and a Calibre plugin that can download from HASA and turn the fics into ebooks.

Relevant links: