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Friending and Personal Stuff

Please feel free to friend me! I may or may not friend back depending on how active I am at the moment.

I tend to make public updates about my life, and set them private a few days later. I want to let people know how I'm doing, but I'm not going to leave everything hanging around the internet forever.

Everything I rec, here or on rec communities, I have a saved copy of (barring harddrive failure or other catastrophes). If you want a copy, feel free to ask and I may be able to help you. If the fic was given to me specifically under a no-sharing agreement I won't share it, but otherwise I'm happy to forward things.

I will not remove links from recs, so even if the site is currently offline you might be able to try archive.org.

I'm also happy to help if you want to start building your own offline collection of fic (hint: search for Calibre eBooks to get started).
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Current vid links for Highlander fans.

Media Cannibals' great HL vids (on the right hand side about midway down): http://www.relative-obscurity.org/belles/cb.html
I especially like I'm the Cat.

Luminosity's videos are worth finding. Here's the only one I know of online atm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjGM6NUsYro
I have more, please PM me if you want me to pass them on.

Giandujakiss' vids are all worth watching. http://giandujakiss.dreamwidth.org/tag/my+highlander+vids for journal pages, and http://www.giandujakiss.com/index.php?set=videos&category=Highlander to download. I especially like Commercial for Levi (watch this together with Anoel's Trouble With Poets, they both speak about the same aspects of Methos I think) and At Least We're Dreaming (Poor Methos and Duncan, they've had a rough few years).

And of course, Killabeez' videos are also excellent. Her currently available videos are History Repeating (http://killabeez.dreamwidth.org/333120.html) and Opportunities (http://killabeez.dreamwidth.org/333471.html). Her general vid list is http://killabeez.livejournal.com/tag/vid post.

Keep an eye on the Highlander rewatch happening on Killabeez' LJ and DW. I'll probably wind up posting more recs as we go along.
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Stones are static. Rocks remain (mostly) unchanged. Living beings grow and adapt to circumstances. What does this mean for someone who could live forever?

All of this is leading up to fanvid recommendations to go along with the Methos rewatch on killabeez' journal.

1) Kronos, Methos and the meaning of brotherhood. The only wistful, poignant vid featuring Kronos that makes sense (it may also be the only one period). A wonderful and surprisingly touching look at the end of a millennia-long relationship.
And As For You by Blue Oyster Cult, vid by our lovely host killabeez

2 & 3 are the quintessential Methos vids, to me. I love how they get at different aspects of his character, while both capturing the feeling of intelligent, economical forcefulness that Methos cultivates.

2) Methos, a practical man, surrounds himself with poets, visionaries, and musicians. Sometimes they drown him out. Sometimes they can't see his perspective. Sometimes they talk too much.
The Trouble With Poets by Peter Mulvey, vid by Anoel

3) Methos has spent 3000 years cleaning the blood off his hands. Now, finally, he's clean. Sometimes. Chilling and complex look at how far Methos has come, and how far he still has to go.
Clean by Depeche Mode, vid by JKL
http://pteropus.com/ - put in an email, get a password by autoresponder. Very worth it, there are many good HL videos here.

4) Methos is a civilized man now, but he'll never be a peaceful one. Violence may not be the best way to solve problems, but sometimes he can't stop himself from using it. WARNING: Some brief season 6 cuts.
Temptation by VAST, vid by Fenling
LJ post at https://fenlings.livejournal.com/22399.html


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